Perennial Goddess / by Malissa Wilkins

Good Morning!

I'd like to give you insight to a new project on the site: Perennial Goddess.  

This past summer I got together several women to pay homage to the Omo Valley Tribes of Ethiopia and my understanding of their contribution to the artistic imagination within Black people. I chose to shoot all Black women for their existence at the center of civilization; and a natural environment, because the earth is our first connection. The Omo Tribes use elements of nature to adorn themselves everyday. It is a daily practice to be one with nature and to compete to make the most beautiful design on the body. They are truly brilliant in the art and spirit of bodypainting, jewelry making, and design. Also, one of my most esteemed inspirations!

Black women are also often depicted as sex objects or portrayed in society as something to acquire when it comes to men. Disrespect, sexual harassment, and patriarchy affect black women daily. These images portray the Black woman as someone to elevate and empower - as an untouchable being, existing alongside other women who help her to embody strength and omnipotence.

The images in this project are my interpretation of Pointillism of the Neo-Impressionist era, with real subjects captured in photographic images.

Impressionist art focuses on movement, sensory, and emotion through use of color and a less detailed finish.

Go check it out and leave some comments below!