At  A F R O V E L V E T , we thrive knowing that a solid IDENTITY promotes a refined IMAGE. By specializing in tailored design and creative direction around each client, we encourage you to make your unique identity the norm and offer brand development around that new norm. Fashion is at the core, with our primary goal being - to bridge the gap between runway high fashion looks, and the everyday look - encouraging individuals everywhere to dress "high" everyday!

AV is a fashion design and brand development agency mainly focusing on the image advancement of Black artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations. In the fashion and entertainment, a certain image is often curated around what blackness looks like. Afrovelvet is here to re-tailor that image from the perspective of Black/African individuals around the world.

Founder, Malissa Wilkins, is a style psychologist and keeper of all things design. She has created several channels through which to spread the re-imagination of "blackness". As a black woman, growing up in a religious home, Wilkins, was always expected to speak low and last. Through Afrovelvet, she finds the chance to speak first and loud, giving the future a voice and a face. For her, it is "a refreshing way to curate a more humanistic experience for Black Americans and people of the African diaspora around the world."