Entitled is a feature piece from “Their Stories.”

Their Stories is a series taking apart hyper-masculinity. Exploring non-gender conforming beings and their relationships to femininity and masculinity – How they have felt restricted or empowered and what has shaped their experiences to how they identify now. –

Jordan Clark of 2012 Bid Adieu forms expression through music, playful visual imagery, and unconventional performance art. 

When asked about his relationship to hyper-masculinity, Jordan explained that masculinity made him feel entitled throughout life – like everyone had to listen to him, or his ideas were the most important, unafraid to be the loudest in the room or take up the most space.

He came face to face with his privilege when a woman in his first band expressed to him that she felt her suggestions weren’t being heard or taken seriously. This was when he realized, “Functioning in a patriarchal society benefits me daily – I have male privilege.” –

On the other side, Jordan, having grown up with only his mom, was encouraged to channel feminine energy – sometimes wearing what was traditionally women’s clothing, make-up, and wigs. 

He felt empowered to practice fearlessness pertaining to his identity, regardless of what limitations were implied by society. –

Jordan chose the color pink. Exclaiming, “it’s never been a big deal to me.” –

If you watch any of Jordan’s visuals or listen to his music, you get the sense that expression is fluid for him and he encourages others to be fluid in their expression as well, regardless of what limitations exist in and around us.

Shot + Styled by Velvet

Lighting by De’ondre Rice (@dres.gallery)